Mind coach certifiée membre de la Fédération Internationale de Coaching, spécialiste du stress et de la communication positive, j'ai créé une technique thérapeutique unique associant la méditation, la synergologie, la sophrologie, le reiki et le yoga. Votre vie ressemble-t-elle à ce dont vous rêvez? Qu’est-ce qui vous empêche de l’améliorer, d’évoluer ? Que se passerait-il si...? Ce qui vous semble impossible aujourd’hui peut être possible demain. Il s’agit de vous en donner les moyens. Je vous accompagne à y voir clair, à prendre conscience de vos véritables besoins, de vos valeurs, des décisions que vous devez prendre…, que vous avez le droit de prendre. Vous avez envie de mieux-être, d’équilibre, d’apaisement, d’épanouissement. Vous souhaitez vivre mieux et être acteur de ce changement. Je vous aide à maîtriser vos émotions, pour enfin agir et réussir.




“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”  

B.K.S. Iyengar

Credit Alex Seldano

Credit Alex Seldano


Franco-american she had the honor to be trained at Yoga Works which, is a perfect balance between the Eastern principles of Yoga and our Western world. Yoga has taught her Gratitude. She was lucky to be able to enhance her practice in California and meet Maty Ezraty, the founder of YW. She immediately connected with their teaching method. She discovered Kundalini at Agni Yoga Studio. She has been constantly training since, attending workshops and specific trainings: Prenatal yoga, Pranayama (control of the breath), Iyengar … She advocates a Yoga for all with no harm. She moved back to Paris to open her Corporate Wellness business : SÉSAME MY


"Feeling alive and grateful for the small things in life". In my opinion, the teacher is everything in order to connect during your yoga practice. Her goal is to help you connect within yourself and to give a meaning to your Yoga. To guide you in order to find your path and place in life. I'll be honored to play a small role in your life  process. NAMASTE

3 Pillars



Yoga with Emily Pearl is a synthesis of breath work, the precision of great Iyengar Yoga, the dynamic flow of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and healing benefits of Desikachar’s Yoga Therapy. She brings personal attention and instruction to her private lessons. YOGA FOR EVERYONE, regardless of your age, your stage of practice and level, privates provide the perfect setting to address your individual  needs.

Private sessions 

Embrace the original format of teaching Yoga with personalised one-on-one instruction. Personalised yoga lessons are the fastest way to reach your goals and effectively connect your mind and body. 

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