Mind coach certifiée membre de la Fédération Internationale de Coaching, spécialiste du stress et de la communication positive, j'ai créé une technique thérapeutique unique associant la méditation, la synergologie, la sophrologie, le reiki et le yoga. Votre vie ressemble-t-elle à ce dont vous rêvez? Qu’est-ce qui vous empêche de l’améliorer, d’évoluer ? Que se passerait-il si...? Ce qui vous semble impossible aujourd’hui peut être possible demain. Il s’agit de vous en donner les moyens. Je vous accompagne à y voir clair, à prendre conscience de vos véritables besoins, de vos valeurs, des décisions que vous devez prendre…, que vous avez le droit de prendre. Vous avez envie de mieux-être, d’équilibre, d’apaisement, d’épanouissement. Vous souhaitez vivre mieux et être acteur de ce changement. Je vous aide à maîtriser vos émotions, pour enfin agir et réussir.

Life Coaching


Dare to change! “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”  (P. Picasso)


Find the path to reach your goal. Is your life like you dreamt it ? What forbids you from improving it ? What would happened if ? What seems impossible today can be possible tomorrow. It’s only a matter of will and courage. I will help you see clearer, building your awareness concerning your real needs, values, choices … that you are allowed to make.  You will unlock these blockages little by little, heal your personal wounds, master your emotions, to finally act and succeed. 

Are you in need of wellness, balance, peacefulness and serenity? I will help you find your inner peace and become actor of your own destiny by mastering your emotions to act and succeed. 

Life Coaching is a supportive process based on :

  1. The clarification of your goals

  2. The development of your potentials, your expertise and Wellbeing

  3. The strategies to success


Therapy heals the past and old wounds. Life coaching focuses on where you are now and helps you move forward towards creating the future that you want. Consistently focusing on what you want and how to get there rather then the obstacles and problems getting in the way, life coaching is focused on creating solutions.

I work one- on- one with you and design a unique plan to obtain your individual goals. At scheduled time and place, I meet with you in person, over the phone or over Skype, which allows flexibility in your busy schedule. Having the option to get a coaching at any moment without leaving your home is a big plus. I am currently working with my clients living in Madrid, NYC, L.A., Singapore, Paris ...  Throughout the coaching relationship, I will ask you powerful questions that help you access your best information, talents, emotions and self. I also provides support, objectivity, structure, energy, positivity and insight. Between sessions, you will have steps to take in your own life, and/or exercises to complete to make sure your being held accountable to achieve results.

For Who? For What? Business owners, loneliness issues, unbalanced with your private life, lack of meaning, health ... Couples, doubts, crisis, infidelities, boredom... Singles, loneliness, stress, difficulties projecting, disillusion, ... Retired individuals, fears, boredom, loss of identity, difficulty managing the changes ... Employees, transition, saturation, in need of finding motivation, changing careers, boss, creating their own business ... 


Do you want to anticipate or "repair" a complex or hurtful situation? Coaching is a personalised program. Your experience and needs are studied with the higher attention and discretion. 

Individual personalised coaching takes place in one to one and a half-hour-long sessions face-to-face or by phone/Skype every 10 to 15 days. This allows for a better introspection and putting into practice the work done during the session. The first session allows us to meet and better understand the issue. I explain who I am, how I work and the several steps of the coaching. Afterwards, we review together your situation with the first coaching tools and we define the goal of your approach, how you will concretely notice that you reached your goals and we evaluate the appropriate number of sessions. Finally, we agree on a coaching convention and we can start the process.

Concerning the couple or group coaching, the first session is exactly on the same model and has the same objective than the individualised coaching,  We will agree on a number of sessions and define a schedule so that everyone is free. 

Discretion & mindfulness guaranteed


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